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The core jewellery pieces for a resilient and timeless jewellery collection

Building a jewellery collection is a life long process. As you and your style evolve and grow so does a well-rounded treasure chest, which represents your personality. In this months article we will talk you trough what to invest in and how to build a well-rounded jewellery collection that lasts a lifetime.

Fashion trends come and go but here are core items that you can go ahead and invest in. Pieces that are well made with quality and ethically sourced materials.

The classic stud and The hoop earrings. Suitable for everyday use, whether you are going for a low key affair or want to build up an eye catching layering look, those are a must have. Feel free to play around with size and texture to suit your style. If a minimalist look is not for you then opt in for a more embellished designs.

The Pearl necklace.

It is a grown up classic and simply a must have. Worn on its own or as layering piece, the looks that you can create are endless. There are lots of different lengths and pearl sizes to chose from. When choosing this piece make sure you tailor to your personal style.

Chain necklace.

There are so many to choose from. Wear this on its own, for a laid back weekend vibes, or as a centrepiece in a layering powerhouse look. Whether you love big and bold or opt in for a more minimalist look, this will truly be an integral part of your jewellery collection.

Dainty Layering Necklace.

There is a lot to be said for the dainty layering necklaces, and no, they are not only for the minimalist out there. Even if you are a lover of all things oversized you need these in your life. They bring balance, add demotion and help you achieve a more put together accessory look.

The Rings.

The ring category is a place that you really should choose to prioritise quality. If you stop and think how much wear those pieces will get over time, buying costume jewellery is really not cost affective. Create a selection with good mixture of sizes and textures, have some feminine layering pieces as well as chunkier statement ones. This will give your collection resilience and will allow you to create endless layering combinations.

Bracelets and Bangles.

We suggest that you take a similar approach to this category. Stay true to your personal style and make smarter choices. A Combination of statement pieces and more classic, feminine once will allow you the freedom to create balanced and well put together looks.

Using those key pieces as foundation will allow you to transition between seasons and trends with ease without having to replace your entire jewellery box. Remember be deliberate and make smarter choices, this way your accessories will work harder for you. Most of all have fun; jewellery is an expression of who we are, allow it to shine.


Jewels are expression of feelings, moments and our own perception of life! Don’t let anyone over make you doubt that!