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Our History

Sotiris Petalas

Our Creative Director himself, captivated by his first love, watch making.

Sotiris Petalas Jewels Story

Our founder Sotiris Petalas was born in the small town of Soufli, Greece. His love for fine time pieces took him to the city of Komotini where he studied the art of watch making. After completing his education he became an apprentice, in a jewellery boutique in Alexandroupolis, where he lovingly restored watches. After several years of apprenticeship Sotiris decided to take a leap of faith and open his own boutique in 1977 where you can still find us today. Even though Mr. Petalas has left the more mundane task of running the business to his loving wife Peristera, who now owns the business, he is still involved as a creative director, doing what he loves best. Making it a truly  family affair, their daughter Christina has recently joined the brand full time. A trained gemologist she brings 10 years of experience, working in London, for some of the leading companies in the watch and jewellery industry. We are very excited about our team growing, as we will be able to provide even more tailored, warm and professional experience to our customers.

Where does our jewellery come from and is it ethically sourced?

The family travels a lot in their quest to find new brands and designers to satisfy the needs of our customers. Even though demand is always growing the family never compromise on the quality of the jewellery and watches we chose to stock.            

Most of our jewellery is handmade in Greek workshops, by highly skilled craftsmen, who marry traditional with innovative modern techniques to create the most exquisite pieces. On our most intricate jewellery we collaborate with Italian workshops as they are best known for their highly detailed gold work. We adhere to the Kimberly process, ensuring that the diamond jewellery we buy is conflict free. In addition to this we visit all our suppliers personally to ensure that good health, safety and working conditions are in place. We ensure our suppliers understand and respect the importance of ethical sourcing of stones and treatment of employees in the work place.