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Cameo, Is it a piece of jewellery or is it a work of art?

We would say it is a wearable, intricate, work of art that combines incredible talent and skilled craftsmanship.


A cameo is a representation , often of a face in profile or a scene from classical mythology , which is produced by carving away the background to leave the required design standing out. Stone cameos of great artistry were made in Greece dating back as far as the 3rd century BC. Those were far too large to be worn and were admired as a work of art.

The majority of modern cameos are carved from shell. This is an organic gemstone which is commonly set in magnificent jewellery pieces like broaches, pendants, rings, earrings and other items.
The natural colour bands in the shell are used to the best effect and some of the most intricate cameos are considered as fine works of art.
Shell cameos can be fragile so care must be taken not to knock or drop them.

In the past cameos were also carved from naturally banded varieties of quartz.

The carefully curated Cameo selection we cary in our boutique is by the artisan Italian brand Cameo Italiano. As you would expect from an award winning family business, every shell piece is carefully selected, lovingly prepared and skilfully, hand carved to achieve the exquisite jewellery pieces you can find on our shelves.

If you are serious about building a well rounded jewellery collection, an artisan, hand crafted cameo piece should be your next investment.

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Source: The National Association of Goldsmiths


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