From everyday pieces to timeless heirlooms, we will help you find the perfect multitasking pieces that will withstand the test of time.

Over 40 years of experience, professional knowledge, love and passion is what drives us to fill our emporium with spellbinding pieces. Our aim is to offer you beautiful jewelry, based on solid craftsmanship and high quality. We achieve our aim by working with artisan jewelry makers, who create bespoke and small handmade pieces to highest quality.

Our History


Our founder Sotiris Petalas was born in the small town of Soufli, Greece. His love for fine time pieces took him to the city of Komotini where he studied the art of watch making. After completing his education he became an apprentice, in a jewellery boutique in Alexandroupolis, where he lovingly restored watches. After several years of apprenticeship Sotiris decided to take a leap of faith and open his own boutique in 1977 where you can still find us today. Even though Mr. Petalas has left the more mundane task of running the business to his loving wife Peristera, who now owns the business, he is still involved as a creative director, doing what he loves best. Making it a truly  family affair, their daughter Christina has recently joined the brand full time. A trained gemologist and jewelry professional she brings 12 years of experience, working in London, for some of the leading companies in the watch and jewelry industry. We are very excited about our team growing, as we will be able to provide even more tailored, warm and professional experience to our customers.

Hey, I'm Christina!


Throughout my childhood I have always been surrounded by beautiful jewelry pieces, as the child of Mr Sotiris Petalas and Mrs Peristera Petala a couple running a family jewelry  business. Growing up there was always an expectation that I would follow in my parent’s footsteps and take over the business. However, as a rebellious adolescent, I had my own ideas of what my future would look like.  I studied politics and international relations at the American College of Thessaloniki, simultaneously I attended and completed a full time course at the Gemology Institute. University life fueled me with bigger thirst for travel and new experiences. I was not ready to go back to my hometown. My next destination was London. I was fortunate to do a masters degree in Strategic Marketing. Completing my masters, I started looking for a job.  Reality quickly set in, as I realized the only jobs available for a newly qualified graduate with next to no experience in the marketing industry, were unpaid intern positions. Living in London with no job was luxury I couldn’t afford. So I made a new plan. My experience in the jewellery industry and gemology degree became my unique selling point and landed me a job within a month of graduation. This is how I began my return journey to the family business, without even realizing it.

London became my home away from home for twelve happy years

during which I worked my way to the top.

I enjoyed great professional successes, managing teams in the luxury watch and jewellery industries, as well as great personal triumphs, making life long bonds with kind and talented people.

2017 saw a profound change in my priorities. I started life in a large cosmopolitan city in my early twenties filled with excitement and fun. Twelve years later I found myself craving home comforts, and the need to work towards something bigger and better. So I made the decision to make a permanent move to Greece. Upon my return I decided to take things slow and feel my way around the Greek job market. I soon realized that the only thing that would give me the professional and personal fulfilment was returning to my childhood playground.

I took a detailed look at the family business and prepared a plan to develop a previously untapped aspect. We had a unique perspective on the luxury jewellery industry and we needed to share it with a larger audience.  The only way to do it was to create a digital space that represented our true identity as a brand. Once I had taken the decision and committed myself to the project, things came together in a short period of time.

I am delighted to invite you to our digital sanctuary. A space, I hope, conveys my unique perspective and passion for luxury pieces, a space which will enable you to discover your true jewellery identity and individual style. We are delighted to have you.

Love ,