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The 4 tips that will help you find the perfect wedding band

While choosing the right engagement ring is fretted and mulled over for months, its life partner the wedding band can be something of an afterthought. But as a piece of jewellery you’ll wear for the rest of your life, it pays to spend a bit of time finding the perfect match for you.

Brief history:
Traditionally wedding bands are worn on the third finger of the left hand – practice which dates back to the ancient Egyptians. It was thought that vein which passes trough the third finger, is the vein, that leads directly to the heart. Traditionally the circular shape of the ring symbolises eternity, the circle of life and happiness that has no beginning and no end.Previously wedding rings were generally made from a length of gold wire or rod of the required cross-section bent into a hoop and the ends soldered together. Today they are generally cut and shaped from seamless drawn tube. There are some traditional designs which go in and out of fashion and are recognised by their names, Orange Blossom, Treebank, Forget me Not, Classical scroll and Diamond Cut, the patterns are applied by machine or in the better quality they made by hand.
The styles produced are varied and change regularly as and when the fashion dictates. However all styles can be based upon some recognised shape and its usually only the exterior decoration that changes.

During the wedding planing proses some decisions may not be made as a couple, as a whole the proses can easily become a stressful and overpowering one so here are some tips on what you should consider before you make the final ring decision.

Chose the right metal:
Traditionally, the metal is dictated by the engagement ring however in recent years brides have been breaking free from the restriction of tradition and putting more personality in their choices. Whilst it is nice to have a wedding band that compliments, it is not essential that it exactly matches the engagement ring. They represent two different occasions so it is nice to be able to see the difference. The yellow gold is a timeless choice (18-karat is stronger than 22-karat gold and therefore more suitable for everyday wear), while white gold and platinum (the strongest, most durable metal) have become the most popular contemporary styles. Rose gold has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, as has mixing and matching metals.

Consider your existing jewellery collection:
Always try to remember, when choosing a wedding ring, other jewellery pieces that you might be wearing on regular basis and your wardrobe. Your choice can be much easier, if you take the time to consider what you feel comfortable wearing every day.

Do not rush:
Buying a wedding ring requires a lot of time so you should not feel any pressure of time before making the decision. Get some guidance and advice from an  experienced & helpful sales personnel. They will have the product, and trend knowledge, and will ensure that the fit is correct and the rings satisfy your needs as a couple.

Shop as a couple.
Start as you mean to go on. Your wedding bands will be the single object from your wedding day that you will wear for the length of the entire mirage, take some time, do it together, make it as fun and stress free as possible.

Sources: The National Association of Goldsmiths


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